Design Lead - Brand

Accepting applicants now

We are looking for a design lead with experience leading visual direction on complex design projects while collaborating closely with clients. You’ll work collaboratively with remote team members and clients to bring products, concepts, and stories to life in a productive distributed environment.

You’re an advocate for aesthetics but your responsibilities and contributions run way deeper than that. We’re a small team and everybody wears multiple hats, so be prepared to be a swiss-army knife and tackle all aspects of the design process from research to build.

Even though we’re seven years into building the company - we operate like it’s day one and you will have the welcomed opportunity to define and grow the design discipline and business inside Green Stone alongside client work from a multitude of verticals. If you ever wanted to design a design business, this is your chance.

Traits we're looking for

Art direction

You have style, you recognize style, and you know that style is only as good as it is appropriate for the situation. Modifying your approach and aesthetic to best suit the client while maintaining a high quality of execution AND consideration. Walk it like you talk it.

Familiarity with modern design tools

You believe that tools are only useful if they're the right fit for a job. You're not married to your tools; you're married to positive and successful outcomes. But also you can work in Figma and Sketch and the Adobe suite and also not work in any of them in favor of something new and better for a project. Also, you're cool with folks looking over your shoulder as you collaborate on work in real-time.

Idea & execution

You have thoughtful, novel, and beautiful ideas. And also want to bring them to life and show them to others and then make them better and more successful. Having a hand in the realization of a concept is both meaningful and rewarding. Let the best idea win...and then execute it.

Understand design systems

You recognize the value and beauty in design systems and the role they play in digital products. And you know that sometimes the best design breaks some rules in service of the user. You can make assets that work in harmony with a system, while bringing to life assets that break out of the system and deliver a resonant, impactful experience.

Developer friendly

You love developers. Like really love them. And you empathize with them; they are your friends. But you also know enough about modern development and engineering to advocate for your solutions and work in order to maintain fidelity while finding effective development solutions.

Orchestrating the design

You are comfortable briefing illustrators, videographers, photographers, and motion designers enough to keep them on task, but love your concepts and ideas enough to let them free and see what they come back as.

At Green Stone

Work from anywhere

Since long before the pandemic, our distributed workforce model has allowed folks like you to work from wherever you want, and as we move into the "new normal", you’re welcome to join us in one of the many co-working spaces we camp out in across the US and Canada.

Design a company

Don’t just design comps - We are just as passionate about designing our dream company from the ground up, as we are about designing best-in-class work for our clients. Join us to do both.

Do work that matters

Our entire company is built to focus on creating meaningful value for the individual, institution and world at large. We only bring on clients that allow us to do that, and you’ll only work on projects that offer that opportunity to create real value for real people. We don’t want to work on anything else, and our guess is neither do you.

Application instructions

To apply, please send over your portfolio with at least 4 examples of work-related projects along with a short blurb about why you’re interested in joining Green Stone. We’d also love to know if you could redesign any brand or digital product/experience/service in the world, what would it be and why?