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Elevations Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in Colorado, and the #1 credit union mortgage lender in the state. With a confusing and outdated legacy website, Elevations needed to quickly redesign and replatform to propel their digital acquisition site into a flexible, modern, and fully accessible framework to support all their users and members.

North Star Vision
Roadmap Definition
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Design Systems
Voice & Tone Guide
Accessibility Adherence
Full-stack Development
Technology Consulting


A members-first strategic foundation

Green Stone had previously worked with Elevations to rethink the member journey and define a North Star Vision for the membership experience. We leveraged these learnings to define clear objectives for the site. Because members choose Elevations for their guidance and service, we focused the experience on prioritizing ease, simplicity, and clear paths to connecting with actual people or applying. By orienting the site around these core actions, Green Stone created a streamlined experience that matched the service of being in-branch.

Trimming excess to clear the way forward

In order to achieve the simplicity users needed, we had to first get rid of the bloat. Over the course of years, Elevations’ legacy website had grown to 200+ pages, many of which were outdated or niche offerings that cluttered the navigation. In short, the site was organized around the business rather than the wayfinding needs of prospective members. We dramatically trimmed the pagecount to about 30 pages by working with stakeholders to ruthlessly prioritize products against user and business goals.

Future-Proofing the Tech Stack

Elevations needed a platform that could work with them into the future. We leveraged Contentful for in-house content management, using several levels of permissions to reduce risk. Templates built in React and static file hosting served locally through Amazon products, all helped a create super-fast, elastic site where the risk of technical maintenance is almost entirely performed by world-class vendors rather than in-house. Ultimately this frees up Elevations developers to focus on pushing the site forward.

Full accessibility,
fully vetted

Green Stone wove accessibility into the very fabric of the site, from the earliest conversations through the QA process. We recommended that Elevations partner with an accessibility firm to guide us in creating experiences that went beyond just ticking boxes on the WCAG AA checklist, and certify the final product as fully AA accessible. Furthermore, we checked our work from the base system design level up against compliance checkers, and our QA process included both manual and automated tools. All that means we launched knowing the site would pass accessibility and the experience would hold up for every visitor, regardless of ability.

Systematic, Scalable Design Thinking

Modern digital products need more than just scalable technologies. They need a design system that can adapt and grow with the company, without losing the original design thinking. Green Stone codified a system of rules and relationships between design elements to create a modular kit of parts that Elevations can use even as their digital presence evolves well into the future. This means that we’re not holding Elevations' design captive—we’ve given them the keys to their own kingdom so that they can own their process.

A whole new website, on time and on budget

In only 12 weeks, Green Stone designed and developed a site MVP to push the brand experience forward. Our approach of building design systems paired with the most current and user friendly tech stack will serve as a foundation for Elevations for years to come.
Ultimately, the early and intense collaboration between all teams reduced the risks for such a quick-turn project and resulted in a fully accessible site MVP launched right on time and on budget. Our continued partnership with Elevations will allow us to iterate upon the MVP and continue to push the experience through 2020 and beyond.

Check out the new site www.elevationscu.com