Odell Brewing Co

Taking a Local Taproom Online

A Beer for Every Palate

Odell Brewing Co is currently the 23rd largest craft brewery in the United States, the 2nd largest in Colorado, and a staple to its home town of Fort Collins. Famed for their giant patio, unique can art, and kick-ass brews, Odell needed a digital experience that could keep up with their brand and growing national distribution. They tapped (wink) Green Stone to redesign and build their new site, setting the stage for significant growth and success as they continue expansion across the U.S.

Experience & UI Design
Design System
Accessibility Compliance
Security & Architecture
Wordpress Development


Showcase the Experts

Doug Odell has spent more than 30 years building Odell Brewing Co in Fort Collins, CO, with innovation, collaboration, and damn good beer at the core. Green Stone wanted to showcase that rich history, creating a digital experience that captured local vibe, artistic expression, and taproom expertise online. All this, while building a platform and design system their team could easily manage and maintain moving forward.

Let the Beer do the Talking

With craft beer, there is an expectation of quality, complexity, and a variety of flavors to suit each visitor's palate personality. The site was designed to tap into our consumers’ senses, showcasing expertise through the exploration of aroma, brewing styles, color, taste, smell, and unique beer identity. Each beer's can art tells a vibrant story, and each brew has a visible history that we let shine for the curious beer nerds.

Filtering by flavor, and availability made for easy browsing both for the expert and novice visitor
Cross-promotional tiles were integrated periodically to break up the robust beer list
Beers are broken out into distinct categories so it's easy to see when products are available, seasonal, etc before diving into further product details
Product pages bring can art to life in a new way, stretching them across a full canvas
Content inspires exploration, and showcases expertise, each beer speaks to production process, and (for the true beer nerds) tasting notes evoke more of the in person haptics
Once we've sold them on the beer, and the flavor, lets get them into the taproom - or inspire them to explore another
Promotional tiles cap each product page to offer up local events, and gear specific to beers artwork (very popular among current customers)

Scalable by Design

Modern design systems need to be just as scalable as the technological frameworks they’re built within. GS created a robust system of templates, with modules and assets to slot in as needed. The site was built in WordPress (a system they already knew), but brought to life with more intuitive architecture to allow them to continue iterating on the build as things evolve.

A Kit of Parts, Built to Last

This build was scoped to be fast, efficient, accessible, and engineered for intuitive updates and management by an in-house team. Internally, we aligned on a Wordpress template, allowing us to create a cohesive balance of fully custom assets, reskinned template features, and a fully integrated WooCommerce plugin (current shop platform). Each decision increased speed, lowered cost, and retained high-quality end products. This allowed us to deliver ease of management with security and flexibility built-in.

Alex Kayne | Director of Marketing

"Thank you all for bringing your incredible talents to this redesign. We're thrilled with the final product and know that we've got a killer site built for the long haul. The next time you crack open a can of Odell, know that you've helped build this business with us."

The Sum of All Parts

The outcome was a vibrant, expressive brand site that showcases the stories of Odell’s brews, history, and contributions to the community. Odell has a robust toolkit to continue to serve the growing brand as expansion continues to the national stage. Look for an Odell Brewing Company beer in a taproom or refrigerator near you. In the meantime, check out the site at odellbrewing.com.