Boosting Retention by Modernizing Self-Service

A fast-paced race for long-term customer retention.

WOW!, the sixth-largest cable provider in the U.S., battles in an industry where the race for customer retention has become increasingly more complex. Historically, the cable industry trained customers to switch providers to get better rates, but during the last decade of mega-mergers and next-generation streaming providers, the game has changed. To compete with the big dogs, price was no longer the sole marker of comparison.

To increase acquisition and retention, WOW! knew they needed to rapidly modernize their customer journey as well as the value delivered through it, which is why they collaborated with Green Stone: To modernize the customer service platform and provide additional value through a refined experience.

Roadmap Definition
Product Design
Design System
Accessibility Adherence
Front-End Development

Reduce the call volume

Customers will still call in, but account basics should not be a reason why someone would turn to phone support. WOW! was receiving nearly 4 million calls from customers per year that could be handled through self-service portals, an opportunity begging for a modern experience leading to bottom-line results. Green Stone’s solution: a complete overhaul of the customer account portal.

"More than 4M calls a year are billing or payment related."
A complete overhaul of the customer account portal.

A modular dashboard for customers to manage the most critical aspects of their accounts.

The new create a payment portal makes it easy to pay, and more importantly set-up autopay.

A more intuitive experience to update and manage services.

The new billing section proactively addresses questions and concerns so customers know what they're paying for.

Auto pay helps keep customer accounts current and was prioritized in the redesign.

The team also re-designed how individuals in households can manage their roles and privileges, from billing and payments to streaming and content access.

Hyper-focused on what will move the needle

The vast majority of WOW!’s customer service calls were inquiries around billing and payments. If we could proactively answer these questions online, we’d immediately move the needle for users and the business, alike. A reduction in account or billing calls would equate to major savings for WOW!, and better options for customers. Our design prioritized user stories that helped customers keep their accounts current, understand their bills, and make payments with ease.

15% fewer account and billing calls would mean $6M a year in savings

Built for all scenarios

The customer portal had to work for each unique customer. Our designs were continually pressure-tested against a wide range of customer scenarios and edge cases. We knew that if we didn’t design for the majority of cases, others would be forced to make assumptions about how the system behaves. These assumptions would introduce risk of usability issues finding their way into the platform. Our strategic design rigor allowed us to build sound and scalable strategies for customer personalization.

Building the front end

We designed and developed the front-end for the new Customer Portal MVP in just 24 weeks. A seamless and integrated workflow that effortlessly moved designs from sketch, to storybook through to React allowed us to to take a lightweight, modular approach to the front end build. By leveraging React as our framework, modules can be easily turned on or off, or moved between pages, allowing greater flexibility for building solutions. And, it allows cost-effective upgrades as the business evolves in the future.

A design system that's easy to manage and scale

To support easy iterations in the future, we established a design system early on which would be the building blocks of all the work we delivered. We codified the system and rules to ensure WOW! could ship new interactions, features, and templates easily, while ensuring that each new element would be naturally compliant, cohesive, and on-brand.

We left WOW! with a culture of customer-first design thinking, a platform that proves their commitment to customer service, and a design system that will support enhancements in the future.

The new Customer Portal launched in October 2019.